Tinker Kit

    • Tinkerkit is a DIY Kit & is an assemblage of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) Modules that bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge & applications. The students will learn the basic concepts of Science & fundamentals of Technology while performing experiments through Engineering approach and Maths operations.
    • Tinkerkit comes with several electronic components, 3d printed parts & interactive instruction manuals with projects.

Robotics Kit

    • Robotics in simple term can entail a simple robot that follows the users’ commands in movements & does tasks that are given by the user. It involves assembly, programming & electronics & hence is an integral part of STEM that acts as an embodiment of DIY & Problem based learning. 
    • We have developed different Robotics kits for different age groups that are unique, easy to understand & use.

IoT Kit

    • IoT (Internet of Things) is a technology that facilitates connectivity between machines, digital products, objects, people, etc. over the internet. Imagine if you could control the devices in your house at your fingertips, isn’t that awesome? IoT helps us achieve such operations..
    • Our IoT Kits come with several sensors, electronic components & interactive user manual with inbuilt Project & App.

Innovation Kit

    • Innovation kit is a special DIY (Do-it-Yourself) kit which is combination of curriculum based STEM Experiments and Robotics Kit.
    • This kit comes with several electronic components with sensors, STEM projects & a Robotics kit of your own choice.
    • This kit is a perfect paradigm to learn the fundamentals of STEM & Robotics at the same time.